Technology industry business introduction

       Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic die casting industryIt was successfully listed in 2006。Yueke Financial Group, as the actual controller of Guangdong Hongtu, actively leads Guangdong Hongtu to successfully complete major capital operations such as bond issuance, rights issue financing, and foreign acquisitions, promotes the improvement of its automotive industry chain layout, and significantly improves the company's asset scale, profitability, and risk resistance。

2014年9月,Yueke Financial Group has officially become the largest shareholder and actual controller of Guangdong Hongtu, a listed company, laying the foundation for building a capital operation platform for listed companies of the Group。So far, Guangdong Hongtu has laid out a number of production bases in South China, East China and Central China。

2016年3月,Guangdong Hongtu Investment set up a wholly-owned subsidiary - Guangdong Shengtu Investment Co., LTD

2016年4月,Guangdong Hongtu successfully completed the rights issue, and the raised funds will be used to increase the capital of a wholly-owned subsidiary - Wuhan Hongtu。

From 2016 to now,Guangdong Hongtu acquired and increased the capital of 76% of Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., LTD。

2017年4月,Guangdong Hongtu acquired 100% equity of Ningbo Siwell Industrial Co., LTD。

2017年6月,Guangdong Hongtu implemented restricted stock incentive plan。

2019年12月,Guangdong Hongtu Investment set up a wholly-owned subsidiary - Guangdong Hongtu (Nantong) Mold Co., LTD。

       At present, Guangdong Hongtu is actively promoting the transformation of products from auto parts to spare parts, the industry extends from product processing to the downstream industrial chain, and the industry expands from the automotive industry to the aluminum products manufacturing industry, further enhancing capital strength, core competitiveness and scientific and technological innovation ability。

On January 22, 2022, Guangdong Hongtu participated in the research and development of the country's first domestic 6800T super large intelligent die casting unit production of new energy vehicle chassis integration structural parts officially rolled off the assembly line, integrated die casting technology to achieve domestic autonomy and control。The intelligent die casting unit can realize automatic, intelligent and unmanned production and manufacturing, and will be used in the future for the production and manufacturing of key core lightweight components such as the integrated front cabin assembly of new energy vehicles, the integrated rear floor assembly and the integrated battery tray。At present, Guangdong Hongtu is also developing the world's largest tonnage 12000T intelligent die casting unit。

● Guangdong Yueke Industrial Park Investment and Development Co., LTD
       Guangdong Yueke Industrial Park Investment and Development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yueke Industrial Park"), established in December 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yueke Financial Group with a registered capital of RMB 6.With 8.7 billion yuan, it is an important platform for Yueke Financial Group to carry out innovation services in the science and technology industry, aiming to incubate and cultivate new industries and new business forms by cultivating a number of industrial parks with high-end scientific and technological innovation clusters, laying out the construction of technological innovation centers, and using the construction mode of science and technology parks。

       Yueke Industrial Park adheres to demand-oriented, project-oriented, and helps the enterprises in the park to improve their operating efficiency and promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation through resource integration, model innovation and value empowerment。 Up to now, the incubator of Yueke Industrial Park has served more than 300 enterprises in total, and organized more than 90 activities such as enterprise entrepreneurship counseling, entrepreneurship competitions, industry association exchanges, technology and experience seminars, investment and financing docking, scientific and technological achievements and industrial docking。

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